Floridians for Affordable Rx works on behalf of Floridians to increase access to affordable prescription drugs.

    We all agree that we need to do more to combat the rising cost of prescription drugs – but we need to make sure that these measures will truly help Florida families and not just line the pockets of big drug companies and independent pharmacy special interests. We’re here to sound the alarm on proposals that would drive up costs and put Floridians at risk.


    Get the facts about Big Pharma and the independent pharmacy lobby pushing proposals that will drive up health costs for Floridians.



    Big drug companies alone set the price of drugs, and Big Pharma lobbyists are pushing legislation that will weaken the ability of pharmacy benefit companies to drive down prescription drugs costs.

    • Big drug companies are solely responsible for setting – and repeatedly and arbitrarily increasing – the price of existing medications.
    • In 2022, drug manufacturers hiked prices of over 1,400 prescription drugs and in the first days of 2023, at least 16 brand name drug companies increased prices on prescription drugs in their portfolio by more than 10 percent. In total, big drug companies increased prices on 587 brand name drugs in just two weeks at the start of the year.
    • Nine out of ten of the biggest drug companies spent 50% more on advertising their products than researching and developing new ones.

    Big drug companies drive high drug prices by blocking market competition.

    • These companies game the system to eliminate competition from more affordable alternatives so they can maintain monopolies on their products and keep prices sky-high.
    • Big Pharma uses patent abuse tactics to prevent lower-cost drugs from coming to market.
    • High list prices, set by drug companies, are the root cause of high drug costs.


    We all agree that pharmacists play an important role in our health care system. Their focus, just like everyone in the prescription drug supply chain, should be making prescription drugs more affordable and more accessible for patients.

    New pharmacy data reveals that the overall number of independent retail pharmacies increased over the past decade in the United States.


    There are 1,638 more independent pharmacies than there were in 2013, which equates to a 7.5% increase in the last 10 years.

    Approximately 1 in 3 pharmacies in Florida is an independent pharmacy.


    As of 2023, there were 1,505 independent pharmacies in Florida alone.



    Pharmacy benefit companies work every day to secure savings, enable better health outcomes, and support access to quality prescription drug coverage for patients. These companies push Big Pharma for price concessions through rebates. This work saves payers and patients an average of $1,040 per person per year.


    What’s more, PBMs provide employers with a wide range of choices for quality prescription drug coverage so they can select a plan that best serves the needs of their employees. Employers are under no obligation to hire pharmacy benefit companies, but the vast majority do so because they secure savings for them and their employees.


    PBMs are on our side.


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    FACT: Pharmacy benefit managers work on behalf of Florida patients to negotiate with drug manufacturers to lower our Rx costs—and save our families billions each year. #FLpol


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